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Welcome to Kedai Buku Pintar


Vision and Mission of Kedai Buku Pintar

        Our Vision and Mission

            The vision of Kedai Buku Pintar is to be the first in mind
            and first in choice in the State of Malacca.

            The Mission of Kedai Buku Pintar is the lead the book shop
            retail and service business in Malacca by 2010.

        Critical Success Factors

            • High Quality of Services
            • Competitive price and products
            • Expand market share
            • Community Service
            • 5S (Well Organized) 

Thank you for visiting our Web-site. My name is Mrs Supammah. I'm the owner of Kedai Buku Pintar. I am a house-wife and have four beautiful children. I started Kedai Buku Pintar in the year 2001 with encouragement from my husband Mr A. Sarma Rao, who has been a pillar of support for me for the past ten years.

As a family, we understand the parents need for their children. A good education is essential today. Books and stationary are the tools for learning. These tools will help our children be creative and excel in life. As such we have created a business that will help parents equip their children for learning. The knowledge that our children receive now will be a part of them for the rest of their lives. This knowledge will determine their future, their destiny.


With my Staff At Kedai Buku Pintar

Before we opened Kedai Buku Pintar, we did a survey of book shops in the Cheng area in Melaka. We found that there was a lack of book shops that had the complete range of text books for school children. This became our priority. We did our best to find all the required books for the schools around our area. We went from standard one all the way up to high school level. It was not easy. But with the support of the many parents and children that come to our shop, we have been able to expand to cater for the needs of everyone.

We have books for all interests. We have books for education, revision, fun, art, leisure, for housewives too. We stock up on some of the local magazines which are quite popular amongst our customers. Our complete range of stationary makes us the one stop shop. We have added school uniforms and bags to our inventory after some of our customers requested these items.

We also see that there are many who are not well to do when it comes to finances. Pintar makes it a point to cater for these ones as well. We have a stock of second hand books for these ones and very often we hand out books for free to the needy children. With our business, we make it a point to help those in need.

We stock all popular branded
stationary equipment

Extensive range of books covering many


We wish to expand our business to cater for the schools & businesses located around us. Our friendly staff are at your service when you require assistance with finding books for your children, photo copying, binding, laminating and so forth. We gain much fulfillment from the satisfaction of our customers. With our prices and quality of service we endeavour to be the number one name when it come to books in Melaka.





What our customers say about us

"I enjoy coming to Pintar Books Shop.
The shop is close to where I stay
and I come to get my story books
and cooking books from here"


    With our Vision and Mission in mind and with the support of you, our customer we hope to deliver quality porducts and services to everyone. Thank you again for visiting our web site. We hope to see at Kedai Buku Pintar very soon. You may also contact us using our email or phone.



Please call us on 06-312 3310 for further information

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