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School Text Books For The State Of Melaka

We specialise in all sorts educational books. We have the complete range of text books required for children from pre-school, primary and secondary schools in Melaka. We stock books from many popular publishers. We also have a number of second-hand books for sales at much reduced rates. 

Used Boooks for Education and Reading

We keep a stock of used books for schools as well as for your reading pleasure. We welcome books that you have and may not need anymore. We will buy any books that are in good order so that others can be able to use them.

Novel For Your Reading Pleasure

You will also find a number of novels from some famous authors ranging from romance, adventure and mystery. Occupy your time with gripping stories that will keep entertained for hours on end.


Magazines for all Interests

We carry a number of locally published magazines on a variety of subjects. You can reserve a copy of your favorite magazine with us every month.

Please call us on 06-312 3310 for further information

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